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Dog Training

Just thought I would drop in an update on the dog. Training is going well. I wake up about 7/7.30…

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Have you ever been walking through one of the London parks and seen a parakeet? Maybe you’ve looked up and…

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Alien vs Predator

In the future, the world has been overrun by invasive species. Plants were sent from the future to try and…

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My wife has suggested that lockdown has not done my figure any good. Elasticated waistline pants and tracksuit bottoms have…

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I can remember my dad being sixty. I can remember thinking, bloody hell that’s old. I can remember thinking he…

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Vaccines = do not read if easily offended

Just checking the list for whose been vaccinated – My mum – tick. Over 90’s – tick. Over 80’s –…

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For every person that hates Japanese knotweed, there’s another that is ambivalent. For every person that understands the need to…

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Have you ever fallen out with your bank? This happened to me about 30 years ago when I’d applied for…

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What …is important…?

At times in your life, you must have asked yourself…if..I only had 24 hours to live …what would I do?…

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This …will be the year that.

Well, I guess this will be the year that I try and change the way that things get done around…

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Get yourself a Whelan

People often talk to me about how my business works and why it’s been successful. I would like to take…

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Tooooo Safe?

Can there be such a thing as too safe? My current car (Audi) seems to think there is danger everywhere.…

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