Where do you start….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 12th May 2021

I’m embarrassed.

We have a shed in the rear of the house where I put cardboard from the various deliveries that arrive on our doorstep. The shed is full.

The shed was emptied about a month ago.

We get boxes – with boxes in them – that contain boxes of products – each that we have somehow deemed essential to our lives.

Now I’m not saying that we don’t need toothpaste and washing up liquid and bin liners etc. etc. …and we have bought in bulk due to pandemic worries …but …. the cost to the environment is just horrendous.

This huge volume of waste has triggered a wish in the Clough household to simplify our lives and to reduce our carbon footprint.

But …where do you start?

The key phrase being bandied around by Mrs. C is… ‘start with the small things…’


No more Amazon deliveries.

No more shopping on line.

Buy loose vegetables where possible.

Shop local.

Fresh food.

Locally grown food.

Anybody else got any ideas we can adopt?


Mike C

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