Stop, Go, Stop, Go, Pause

Why has the world suddenly got all jumpy? Stop, start, stop, start, maybe, maybe not …it’s getting more and more difficult to plan my retirement. Cards on the table – I planned to retire by 30 and live on an island – this plan has gone seriously t*ts up. I blame the government. Seriously though […]

Call a Spade a Spade

I’m usually quite direct (previous readers may have noticed!). I’ve worked on countless development sites over my career and some of my former employees didn’t graduate beyond manual labour for a reason. I call a spade a spade and I don’t sugar coat important messages. I don’t believe in a culture where everyone should win […]

Bank Holiday Madness

I’m sorry …but I could do without all these bank holidays. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the country just beginning to haul itself back to its feet after the pandemic fiasco? Aren’t we just hanging on by our fingernails to avoid going into recession? So, some royal smart arse thinks it’s a good […]

Reasons the World Failed – Part One

I can’t remember exactly when all this started, but I can vaguely remember having an inkling that something was going wrong with the world. For me, it started with shopping. I used to enjoy going into Manchester and having a wander around the various stores picking out a shirt or a new pair of jeans. […]

Work in Progress

As we approach our 35th wedding anniversary (and some 40 years of being a couple) my wife still considers me a ‘work in progress’. She considers that she has trained me in matters pertaining to: Dish washer etiquette – correct loading and spacing. Cooking – by the time the meal is prepared all utensils used […]


I …am a big bloke. I’ve always been a big bloke …but apparently this is no longer acceptable in today’s brave new world. When I used to go out, I would go for it. Cocktails, wine, starters, main course, desert …cheese …those little chocolates at the end …with a single malt whisky or three. Restraint […]

My Car’s Rubbish

My car is so clever …it’s become rubbish at driving. If I try and reverse off my drive, it senses that there’s a car coming down Snake Pass about half a mile away and it won’t let me move. It slams on the brakes and makes bleeping noises and flashes the dashboard with red lights. […]

APS Days

My darling wife has been on at me to be more healthy. She serves kale at every opportunity and tried to poison me recently with something called Kombucha. Alcohol is deemed forbidden and red meat confined to special occasions. She is looking at holidays that involve yoga and Pilates with menus that are strictly vegan. […]

Work, Live, Work

We’re all after that perfect ‘work life’ balance. That spot where you spend just enough time at work to make you very very rich …whilst still also being able to be home for your partner/ and your children /and your dog/cat. This spot …is mythical. Sorry….but…. it’s either one or the other. Anybody that tells […]

What are we to do?

I wasn’t brought up to be a religious person. I did attend church every once in a while but generally came away with thinking …what a load of nonsense. Funerals were another cause of confusion listening to somebody who didn’t know the person being buried explaining that … ‘god has chosen them to be by […]