My Mum

In a world that’s completely overcome with the loss of her Majesty the Queen, it can be easy to forget all the other people that have passed away during this period. My mum died on the 3rd September aged 95 having suffered from bowel cancer and a host of other complexities not picked up during […]

Progress…or is it?

I’m actually a qualified Landscape Architect, my early years were spent working in local authority dealing with planning applications and ensuring that the schemes submitted had planting and were beneficial to both residents and the environment. The biggest bugbear was getting the developers to maintain these projects for future years. They were kind of ok […]

It’s a Dogs Life…

I know I’ve prattled on about this before… but …dogs have life sussed. My dachshund just has it all completely figured out. She sleeps with us, beside the bed… wakes up about 7am, scratches the side of the bed until she’s lifted onto the duvet by my wife…then she settles back for an hour or […]


As I’ve got older, I’ve realised that I have set myself up to have a very complex, busy life. I’ve realised that every decision that you make has knock on effects later in life that are then very hard to change. Life becomes like a hamster on a wheel, the faster you go, the faster […]


I am beginning to think the world is about to come to a sticky end. The rich get richer… and the poor get poorer and those in the middle just get left to feel bad about everything they do. David Beckham loans his Twitter account to help the Ukrainian crisis – yet spends £3 million […]


Driving home the other night, I rounded a corner and came upon a ‘twattle’ (Note, twattle is the collective word used to describe a group of cyclists). There were about thirty of them in two groups about 30 metres apart. The rear group were being herded by a bloke positioned in the centre of the […]

I Like Aural

I watched the new Batman last night and was quite taken with his car – a souped-up Dodge Charger. There’s a great scene (no spoilers here) where he’s in the car gunning the engine – flames coming out of the exhaust …he’s in a stand-off with the Penguin. Great images, great sound, great cinema …very […]

Mind Your Own Business

I’ve been reading a lot online lately about entrepreneurs starting their own business and doing really well.  Everything is just marvelous and they wished they’d done it years ago. These articles usually sum up the situation in a few simplistic phrases along the lines of – I now do what I want… when I want… […]

My Head Hurts….

I’m sorry but the ‘world’ events are driving me nuts, or should I say ‘my mental health is suffering’. Can anybody point me to a film that says… ‘war …what a great way to sort an argument’ ….or… ‘war – the happy years’ … It’s hard enough running a business under normal circumstances but throw […]

Kung Fu

Did you ever used to watch the tv programme ‘Kung-fu’ featuring the actor, David Carradine? If you didn’t ….then you probably need to stop reading this as it won’t make much sense. I have increasingly found myself comparing myself to Master Po…(see… I’ve just lost 98% of my readers). For those of you still with […]