INNSA Welcomes New Chairman

INNSA article   It is a great honour to be elected to the Chairmanship of the Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA). I would like to start by giving an overview of how we have arrived at the current position. The early days of our industry in the United Kingdom involved a small handful of companies […]


On the 1st of February this year we celebrate 20 years of Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd. Quite a milestone yet it seems like only yesterday I was talking about setting up a company to deal with just one plant. I can clearly remember people (including my wife) who thought this was a stupid idea. Luckily, […]

Growing Problems

One of the misunderstood issues with dealing with invasive species is that it can take a while for problems to appear. If, for example, you have a contractor dig and remove your Knotweed growth in late season – simply because of seasonality – nothing will even begin to re-grow until Spring. So, your average crappy […]

And so this is Christmas….and what have we done?

Well, every year I try and write a little summary of what we’ve learnt in the past twelve months, what we’ve achieved and maybe what we’re aiming to do in the coming year. What have we learnt? Well, I guess we’ve learned that life and business is pretty fragile. It doesn’t take much to knock […]

We’re being conned…. again

Just a quick ‘heads up’ to those of you that are supporting purchase of electric vehicles.  There’s a big hole looming ahead…. not a pothole in the road (though there are plenty of those) …but a hole in the UK finances. If you remove income from tax paid on petrol and diesel then you have […]

Worrying Trends….

I find myself worrying about where the world is heading. The simple pleasures of life like …cooking, walking, fishing, cycling …. seem to be losing ground to Deliveroo and gaming. I know I’m being very simplistic here and I know I’m generalising but I keep coming across examples of strange behaviour and am trying to […]

Impartial advice….

I’m beginning to think there is no such thing as impartial advice. In this day and age who can you believe about anything? On a typical day when I start to read the paper, I realise that I am being manipulated into making decisions that ultimately line somebody else’s pocket. Everything is about money. This […]


There have been numerous articles recently suggesting that certain plants should never be used in gardens and that they will invade and dominate any location in which they are planted. Alan Titchmarsh even had a flurry of complaints from people suggesting that his use of Gunnera tinctoria would result in hundreds of thousands of invading […]


The message needs to be made clearer that you don’t get anything …. for nothing. A few years ago, my mum had a knock on the door from a wandering ‘tree surgeon’ who asked if she had any work needed doing. She did need a couple of overhanging branches removing from trees close to her […]

What’s in a name?

I’m proud of my name. It’s been with me a long time and through most of that period it’s stood me in good stead. I did go through a phase of wanting to be called Clint (Eastwood obviously) then there was the Steve (McQueen) year … …but generally – Mike Clough – seemed to suffice. […]