I Like Aural

I watched the new Batman last night and was quite taken with his car – a souped-up Dodge Charger. There’s a great scene (no spoilers here) where he’s in the car gunning the engine – flames coming out of the exhaust …he’s in a stand-off with the Penguin. Great images, great sound, great cinema …very […]

Mind Your Own Business

I’ve been reading a lot online lately about entrepreneurs starting their own business and doing really well.  Everything is just marvelous and they wished they’d done it years ago. These articles usually sum up the situation in a few simplistic phrases along the lines of – I now do what I want… when I want… […]

My Head Hurts….

I’m sorry but the ‘world’ events are driving me nuts, or should I say ‘my mental health is suffering’. Can anybody point me to a film that says… ‘war …what a great way to sort an argument’ ….or… ‘war – the happy years’ … It’s hard enough running a business under normal circumstances but throw […]

Kung Fu

Did you ever used to watch the tv programme ‘Kung-fu’ featuring the actor, David Carradine? If you didn’t ….then you probably need to stop reading this as it won’t make much sense. I have increasingly found myself comparing myself to Master Po…(see… I’ve just lost 98% of my readers). For those of you still with […]

No, we’re not…. just Knotweed

Soooo…I thought it might be worth mentioning that we don’t… ‘just’… deal with Japanese knotweed. When we get involved, it’s amazing how many other problems all seem to get pushed in our general direction. Obviously, you have all the invasive plants that often occur in tandem with Knotweed removal projects. The Himalayan balsam, the Giant […]

Goal Posts

So…I’ve always tried to teach my kids about budgeting and living within their means. Look at what you earn, don’t count bonus payments as salary, don’t overspend. Simple economics based on taking out less than you put in. Save for a rainy day. Then everything changes. Goalposts move. The electricity bill goes up by 50%. […]


Surely, I can’t be the only person out there who actually likes driving? I currently feel that admitting this is up there with confirming that you worship the devil and dance naked around the garden when the moon is full. I’ve liked cars since I was a little lad buying matchbox cars with my spending […]


Full income and expenditure. Either you know about these or you don’t. It’s a bit like a root canal for your business whereby the deeper you dig …the better the long-term outcome …but it hurts. The ‘full monty’ as I shall now call it – is when you compute and list every little cost that […]

Road Closed

I live at the bottom of the Snake Pass in Glossop. Snake Pass is one of those roads you will have heard about on the news, mainly because it’s blocked on a regular basis. If there a smattering of snow anywhere in the UK the you can pretty much guess that on top of the […]

Memories – 20 Years

It’s just been our twenty year anniversary at Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd. This set me thinking about the momentous times in my business life – what are the main events that I can still remember? My first office. I can remember how proud I was with the small room at the back of the architecture […]