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Insurance Bollocks

Think to yourselves ‘What is insurance?…What’s it for…What does it do?’ I used to think insurance was for unexpected disasters…

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Selling a House Nonsense

Why does it have to be so difficult to sell a house? Should it really need to be so painfully…

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Technology is Killing Me…..

Soooo….how has my New Year been so far you ask? Well …it could have been better…it’s left me longing for…

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Christmas Summary

Well, what a year that was. Suzanne – my trusty side kick – asked that I write a jolly blog…

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I’ve been thinking for a while that I don’t like the way the world is heading. I have suspected that…

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Where’s it come from?

It’s a fairly simple statement and one that’s easy to understand. Yet, land owners don’t always follow this thought process…

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Highway Robbery

So, as I return to driving on the 14th of this month I sit here pondering – what have I…

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Car Bullshit

I’m currently banned from driving for a collection of speeding offences. Nobody was hurt, nobody was at risk, all on…

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Prove your identity

I’ve lived in the same house for over 25 years. I’ve had the same job for over 25 years. I’ve…

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Vote For Me

When I was a child, I thought life was ordered and predictable. I thought that the country was run by…

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Way tooooo Risky

I’m currently feeling like we’ve crawled up our own backsides over health and safety. We see desperate immigrants and refugees…

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Say Nothing

My father gave me a great piece of advice when I was a young boy. He said to me, ‘If…

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Don’t Let That Suspicious Weed Grow

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