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Our range of Japanese knotweed commercial services are designed to offer identification, treatment, removal and ongoing control of this invasive and damaging weed. Here at JKSL, we’ve spent many years ensuring that we set the highest standards for removal and can offer a 100% success guarantee. We’re experienced in working in a range of commercial property settings to provide swift and reliable removal.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:


Japanese knotweed is a very robust plant that has grown for centuries on the slopes of volcanoes in Japan. Since it grew in very acidic soil that was low in nutrients, the plant gradually evolved over time to develop deep-reaching roots that could survive the acidic upper layers of the soil. Today, these roots can go as far as 3m deep in to the ground and the plant is capable of growing up to up to 4m in height

Having been brought into the UK by botanists in the 1850s, Japanese knotweed was soon adopted in many gardens as an ornamental plant. It had a fantastic appeal for those growing it: with its rapid growth, of up to 10 cm per day during the peak season, it was happily welcomed since the results of planting it were visible in a very short period of time.

However, as its popularity started slowing down, it was discarded into the wild, and over the years it has become an issue. Its roots are incredibly difficult to remove and the plant itself can cause structural damage to properties by invading even the smallest crevices in pipework and foundations.


Here at JKSL, we have access to the best available technologies, and we’ve made it our mission to combat this nemesis. The invasion of Japanese knotweed is one of the most menacing weeds that Britain has ever faced. The government estimated it would cost around £2.5 billion to completely wipe it out from the country. This number alone is an indicator of just how problematic the plant is.

We have been working in the field of identifying and removing the weed for over 15 years, and in this time, we have learned and achieved a lot. With a skilled team of experts here at JKSL, our professional staff will help you in the identification of the plant and in choosing the best way of removing it, based on the spread of the weed and the nature of your site. We offer up to 10-year, insurance-backed warranties to make sure that the Japanese knotweed does not make a return.


The five methods in the removal of the Japanese knotweed are as follows: chemical, excavation and removal to licenced landfill/ excavation and burial, MeshTech, incineration and composting. Here’s a brief overview of what each of our commercial services entail:

Chemical removal implies using heavy-duty, industrial grade chemicals in combating the plant. In doing so, we strictly follow all the rules, regulations and laws brought by the Environment Agency and SEPA. The entire procedure is carried out by qualified practitioners.

Excavation removal offers the fastest results. This is the best option if time is of the essence. This method involves removing the Japanese knotweed, including the rhizome network from the area of infestation. The material can either be taken to licenced landfill, or alternatively remain on site in a waste management area or burial pit.

MeshTech Removal is a specially developed means of removal. The method uses no chemicals, is more friendly to the environment and also helps in the treatment of soil erosion.

On-site incineration is the method performed only once the stems of the plants have completely dried out. It is done in a controlled manner, on-site, in order to prevent the spread of the plant.

Composting has to be done in a specific way with heating up of the stacked plants in order to help the cellular breakdown.

If you have any questions about the identification or removal of Japanese knotweed on your premises then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and knowledgeable can talk you through the most suitable commercial service for your own property.