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Founded by Michael Clough, Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited (JKSL) is the UK’s longest established and most experienced Japanese knotweed removal company.

Working with many major construction companies, local authorities and housebuilders, we have experienced Japanese knotweed in many places around the country, each requiring tailored solutions to completely eradicate the Knotweed infestation.

The first step is for one of our skilled experts to come out to your site to establish the extent of the problem, before creating a full management plan to eradicate the Knotweed. Based on environmental considerations we will choose what we believe the most effective solution is to completely remove the Japanese Knotweed and to help ensure it doesn’t return in the future.

All our treatments can be fully insured for 10 years, giving peace of mind that the treatments we perform are completed to the highest standards. We also have a comprehensive aftercare package we employ after every treatment, offering a full end to end service.

We are a team of dedicated, skilled, professionals who share a great deal of experience. We invest heavily in the continual training of all our employees, ensuring you always have a highly qualified team working on your project with the latest industry accreditations.

We believe that the removal of Japanese knotweed should only be done once and done right, so be wary of cheaper imitations.

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Our first step is to identify if you have Japanese knotweed. For a quick ID, you can send us some photos. Alternatively, we can carry out a full site survey to confirm the extent of the infestation.


JKSL will provide a range of treatment options individually tailored depending on your site requirements.


A detailed breakdown of costs for each phase of treatment will be provided, including on-going monitoring programmes with insurance backed guarantees.


Our experienced and professional in-house teams will carry out the treatment to the highest of standards to achieve full eradication. All works are carried out in accordance with the INNSA Code of Practice.


A range of treatment solutions are available, from in-situ herbicide application to excavation and removal or burial. All carried out in-house by our experienced team.


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Japanese Knotweed Removal Solutions

JKSL is an industry-leading Japanese knotweed removal company who have spent over 20 years raising awareness about the dangers of this invasive weed, as well as offering an innovative and highly effective range of treatments. We operate around the country from our base in the north west of England, with highly effective identification methods and a commitment to building a personalised treatment and removal package for each individual site. Having provided a service to hundreds of different clients, we can confidently guarantee a 100% removal success rate to both domestic and commercial settings, with our team able to deal with even large-scale industrial sites.

With our in-depth knowledge and research into getting rid of Japanese knotweed in the most environmentally conscious and lasting manner, we’re widely recognised as Japanese knotweed removal specialists, a level of expertise that has led to our work being highlighted by many media outlets including the BBC. It’s vitally important that when dealing with any Japanese knotweed found on your site, you enlist the services of a reliable Japanese knotweed removal contractor. This may involve an initial outlay, but it is much preferable to trying to take on the job yourself, as simply chopping away at the plant can lead to a far more invasive spread and regrowth, which will have much greater financial impacts in the long run.

Our wealth of experience in Japanese knotweed removal allows us to meet the exact identification, treatment and removal needs of each and every property a client may need our help with. Additionally, our response team is available 7 days a week, a move designed to allow us to cater to your Japanese knotweed identification and removal questions and requirements as rapidly as possible. This is important in minimising the impacts of Japanese knotweed, which is now highlighted by DEFRA as one of the “most invasive plants in the UK”. You may have read stories about the impacts of untreated knotweed on hindering business site developments or causing many thousands of pounds worth of damage to a property. Those things do happen, and we’re committed to being a Japanese knotweed removal company who help to stop that trend.

As knotweed removal specialists, we are fully industry-accredited, providing a range of highly competitive pricing packages, coupled with the aforementioned 100% success rate guarantee and insurance-backed warranty options of up to 10 years. This combination means that you can have full confidence and real peace of mind that when you’re using JKSL, your Japanese knotweed problem can be gone for good. We can handle the entire process for you, from initial identification to full site review, implementing treatment methods and ensuring the incineration and/or removal of all Japanese knotweed traces from your site. We’ve even been involved with the creation of a new MeshTech removal method which sets the standard for eradicating Japanese knotweed in a way that minimises environmental damage to the surrounding wildlife.

We went into this business because we saw the damage that was being caused around the country by Japanese knotweed’s unchecked spread. We wanted to be a Japanese knotweed removal contractor who offered a full understanding on the best ways to deal with the issue so that we could offer the exact solution that each site needed. We offer an unrivalled combination of services and we’re confident that we’ll be the ideal fit for anyone in needed of reliable Japanese knotweed removal.

If want to know more about how our Japanese knotweed removal company can help you with your identification, treatment and/or removal needs, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re available by phone on 0161 7232000 or by email at [email protected], with further details available on our Contact page, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff team are happy to speak to you in more detail about our specific services and how JKSL can best help you.