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Founded by Michael Clough, Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited has grown rapidly to a £3.5m turnover, with 35 employees and a client base over 500.

We operate nationwide with a Rapid Response Team on standby 7 days a week, to deal with the most urgent client enquiries.

We are dedicated professionals who share a great deal of experience. We invest heavily in the continual training of all our employees, ensuring you always have a highly qualified team working on your project with the latest industry accreditations.

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Japanese Knotweed Removal Solutions

JKSL is an industry-leading Japanese knotweed removal company who have spent over 15 years raising awareness about the dangers of this invasive weed, as well as offering an innovative and highly effective range of treatments. We operate around the country from our base in the north west of England, with highly effective identification methods and a commitment to building a personalised treatment and removal package for each individual site. Having provided a service to hundreds of different clients, we can confidently guarantee a 100% removal success rate to both domestic and commercial settings, with our team able to deal with even large-scale industrial sites.

With our in-depth knowledge and research into getting rid of Japanese knotweed in the most environmentally conscious and lasting manner, we’re widely recognised as Japanese knotweed removal specialists, a level of expertise that has led to our work being highlighted by many media outlets including the BBC. It’s vitally important that when dealing with any Japanese knotweed found on your site, you enlist the services of a reliable Japanese knotweed removal contractor. This may involve an initial outlay, but it is much preferable to trying to take on the job yourself, as simply chopping away at the plant can lead to a far more invasive spread and regrowth, which will have much greater financial impacts in the long run.


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