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How to get help with the cost of Japanese knotweed removal

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but thanks to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) there is now a way of recouping much of the cost of Japanese knotweed treatment. OK, so it’s not ‘free’ but it does help massively with treatment costs. See below.


LRR was introduced by HMRC in 2001 to encourage new use of previously blighted land. Japanese knotweed infestation did not previously qualify under the legislation’s definition of ‘blighted land’, but since 1 April 2009, HMRC have accepted that Japanese knotweed is sufficiently invasive and destructive that it satisfies their “harm” test.

How Does LRR Benefit Me?

As with all legislation, the detail is complex. In layman’s terms, LRR is a relief from Corporation Tax. It provides a deduction of 100% plus an additional deduction of 50% for qualifying expenditure incurred by companies in cleaning up contaminated land. For example, for every £100 your company spends on Japanese knotweed treatment, it will only cost you £69.

Does my land qualify?

There is a rule which states that in order to qualify, land must have been acquired in a contaminated state. However, when it comes to Japanese knotweed, it has been recognised that an infestation can occur post-purchase through no fault of the landowner, i.e. from fly-tipping for example. Therefore, Japanese knotweed has been excluded from this rule, although clearly land that is purposely contaminated with Japanese knotweed would not qualify.

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There are two good reasons why you need to involve us and why you should act quickly. The legislation states that:

1. HMRC will only allow relief in cases where the company takes remedial action as soon as practically possible after discovering the infestation. A company that finds it has Japanese knotweed on its property and takes no action, thus allowing the infestation to spread so that the area infested is significantly larger by the time they take action may be debarred from relief

2. HMRC accept that a company is taking remedial action if it takes appropriate specialist advice and acts in accordance with that advice

So time really is of the essence and you will not only stand a much greater chance of treating your Japanese knotweed problem successfully by involving us quickly, you will also stand a greater chance of getting that treatment subsidised through LRR.

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