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JKSL Approach

We undertake a highly professional and systematic approach to every project. Our main services are detailed below.

ADVICE: Japanese Knotweed Solutions is a leading authority on the problem and invests heavily in raising the awareness of Japanese knotweed within the construction industry. Early identification will significantly reduce the cost implications and timescales involved in eradicating knotweed from the development.

SITE INSPECTION: To confirm the existence and extent of Japanese knotweed on the site.

FULL SURVEY: We will then produce a detailed CAD based survey confirming the exact location and size of the knotweed strands.

PROPOSALS: A detailed document is developed to qualify the methods and associated costs for works to assist in the process of control and eventual eradication of Japanese knotweed. This will include survey results, legal status, control methods, suggested works, method statement, material safety data, technical data and site layout planning.

ERADICATION: We have an experienced team of licensed sprayers. Strict measures are taken to ensure that chemicals are sprayed in a controlled manner with temporary boundary fencing restricting access and caution signs placed around the site.

SITE MONITORING: We produce an ongoing inspection regime to monitor sites where Japanese knotweed may be suspected or where the infestation could potentially spread onto the site from an external source.

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