Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 12th June 2024

It’s a question that probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind when getting your invasive plants treated – but – you should always ask your chosen contractor – what about aftercare?

What sort of system do they have in place for following up on any re-growth?

Do they even have a follow up visit planned or is that it …?

They’ve given you a cheap price for a quick spray but… are they coming back?

In most situations, your Japanese knotweed problem will not disappear with one single spray – and your chosen contractor should know this – repeat applications are needed and should be built into a spray programme… a regime of future works.

People often ask me… ‘What is the secret to Japanese knotweed eradication’ … and I always reply …detailed records.

Return visits, checking for re-growth and applying herbicide, detailed records of what you’ve done and when you’ve done it…. all followed up by a report to the client.

Here at Japanese Knotweed Solutions we have a system called JK Connect.

This is basically a database which has three thousand four hundred and seven (and counting) sites on it. All with details of when herbicides were applied, weather conditions …and any signs of additional re-growth… and most importantly, dates when a re-visit is due.

We have two dedicated re-visit teams, who do nothing but checking and monitoring of the sites we have treated.

At any stage a client can access this database and know where their sites are up to.

No other Knotweed companies have this level of system in place.

No other Knotweed companies have our level of experience in completed site works.

We may be a little more expensive than some of our competitors – but this is because we’re organised and offer a level of commitment to your sites that others simply cannot provide.

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