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The Creation of Knotweed

The Creation of Knotweed (Italian: Creazione di Knotweed) c 1850, is a fresco painting by Italian artist Michelangelo. He became…

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Moaning Lisa

The Moaning Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, has been described as “The best known, the most visited, the most written…

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Campaign Posters

CAMPAIGN POSTERS Do you ever come across sites with Japanese knotweed? Are you a landowner? Housing developer? Construction company…….Local authority,…

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Japanese knotweed…also can be eaten..if you’re so inclined….

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Raising Hell Since 1840


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Alien vs Predator

In the future, the world has been overrun by invasive species. Plants were sent from the future to try and…

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Here to Guard your Property

To collect all 4 postcards, please request here. KNOWLEDGE The first rule of Japanese knotweed elimination is to be able…

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Infestation Rebellion

The Truth: We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered…

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Knotweed Lies Beneath

Japanese knotweed surface growth is merely the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the ground, the root system can spread up…

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Painful Knotweed Headaches?

Are you suffering from painful knotweed headaches? Blocked mortgage, congested sale? Does a knotweed cure seem beyond your reach? For…

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A Mindless Growing Machine….

There is a WEED ALIVE TODAY which has SURVIVED MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION…… without change, WITHOUT PASSION, without logic.…

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MeshTech Treatment

Using MeshTech, our in-house invention, provides an altogether different approach to Japanese knotweed treatment. MeshTech is a revolutionary option for…

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Don’t Let That Suspicious Weed Grow

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