Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st February 2024

Sorry for those of you expecting a retirement speech from me – it’s just not happening.

I’m perfectly happy doing what I do and have no intention of stopping.

What is it about hitting an age when all anybody asks you is, ‘Have you retired yet?’

It’s like a business model where you have to fit in with what is expected. You get to a certain age and you are given slippers and some sort of golden handshake and you shuffle off to tend the garden and maybe do a bit of ‘travel’.

Why do people think we should all conform like sheep and adopt a policy that has been handed down for years and accepted as ‘the norm’. The world is a very different place from that in which our fathers retired early and enjoyed endless days of tennis and golf. The world is now a busy frantic place where once you stop you’re ‘out’.

Personally, I intend to keep on doing what I’m doing until I can’t do it anymore. This may not be far off but until it happens I’m quite happy.

I get to work with a team of enthusiastic colleagues, I get to work with great clients…and I get to work on some really interesting projects….and as an added bonus I get to improve the environment and do my bit to save the planet from marauding invasive species.

What’s not to like?

Ok, I hate doing cashflow.

..and I hate it when people don’t pay.

..I hate discovering asbestos where it shouldn’t be.

..and finding culverts where they shouldn’t be.

..and I do hate traffic.

But… I would say I’d still rather be working than just being a bystander talking about what I ‘used to do’ when I had a job.

Note : Ask me again in a year.



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