It’s Hard….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 17th April 2024

Is it just me or is it hard work at the moment?

I don’t mean as in – yeah it’s tough being at work – I mean as in …every bloody element of every single thing we do ….is like dragging yourself through treacle …and then when you finally do drag yourself through the treacle and stand up …somebody punches you in the face… type of hard work.

The weather is just atrocious. There’s ‘wet’ then there’s the UK at the moment which is just way beyond wet into something biblical called ‘Weeeeeettttttt’.

Planning departments seem to enjoy just putting one little objection into everything our clients want permission to do.

Residents near to our clients projects just don’t want building to be given permission near to their homes and come up with every reason they can think of to delay planning applications …whilst  supporting the policy of house building in general …they just support the ‘Not near us’ concept.

Interest rates – why would anybody bother doing anything at the moment.

Government – obviously the Conservatives are just hanging by a thread – everybody knows that labour will get in when we have the next election …so why not just get it done and everybody can move on more positively. Flogging a dead horse might seem an apt description of Rishi’s activities at the moment?

Nobody appears to have any money for anything at the moment and any money they do spend has to be so tightly looked at …that it becomes almost pointless doing the work because there’s no margin left in the job to make it worthwhile?

…and yet we’re still here.

Still running all over the country looking at Japanese knotweed removal projects that aren’t going to happen for months.

Still giving our best prices in the hope that something will bite and a job will actually start.

Still smiling – (or is it a grimace).

Hard tho’ innit?


Mike C

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