Line of Knotweed

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 26th May 2021

Holy Mary Mother of God…. I’m thinking we need to start using acronyms at JKSL. If there’s one thing, I can’t stand it’s bent language.

Hastings – like the battle.

Here’s my list so far;

SO 1 – survey operative number 1 (number 2/3 and 4)

OP 1 – operations (number 1 and 2)

ACC – Alex’s credit card

DCC – obviously Dave’s credit card

AFO – about to fuck off – this is when the lads leave site early

DOG – that would be the dog

AFO – another fuck off early

BO – this occurs when a spray suit has been worn during a hot day

OCG – organised crusty grain sandwich

ARV – I’ll have a half

ANPR – another un-paid road fine

CHIS – this happens when the name Chris is mis-spelled


We’ve also created a few of our own;

AIIAM – this is when Ann from accounts is in a bad mood

MOHWI – Mike’s on his way in

NPC – no petty cash

TBA – toilet blocked again.

….it just makes life more fun now that Line of Duty’s finished.

Mike C

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