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What ya gonna do….


Lockdowns over, you’ve had your jab, you’ve had your brush with death and you’ve survived …. but what are you gonna do with your new found freedom????

Well personally I’m thinking of just staying in and telling my wife that lockdown hasn’t ended and she still has to stay in and make meals for me… 🤷♂️

Now many of you will take offence at this type of sexist comment …but I’ve got to be honest she is a brilliant cook.

The meals I make…. consist of cheese in a variety of forms. Beef in large chunks. Curry with too much spice ….and way too much butter and salt in everything else.

My wife makes things which just taste amazing.

I feel bad for everybody that doesn’t get to taste her cooking.

So, in answer to my question about what am I going to do after lockdown – it will probably be me in mourning for the all of the following delights:

The sandwiches, the lentil dahl, the kale and spaghetti thing which sounded awful but was amazing…and the aubergine thing which was also delicious. Who knew that a vegetarian curry could actually be nice …and that cheese could just be sprinkled on top of pear and lettuce and be delicious? Turmeric chicken thighs I shall miss the most…

I know it would be bad to ask for a further lockdown …and I know I shouldn’t be making such daft comments …. but being locked in with somebody who is just great …

Ain’t all that bad.

Mike C