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Electric Cars – Yes or No

So, many of you will know that I like cars. I have been a car fan since I was a little boy with my toy collection of things like – James Bond’s Aston Martin, Batman’s bat mobile and every hot rod that was in the hot wheels collection.

I’ve pretty much worked my way through most of my wish list for real cars since my childhood but now find myself with a dilemma.

Do I get an electric car?

I’ve been sitting on the sideline watching how the market unfolds and watching Tesla’s gradually become a more common site on the roads. I’ve also hated the styling of every e-car that’s arrived ….until recently.

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the Audi RS E-tron are both proper looking vehicles and sound like they have been really thought through …. yet I still have doubts in my mind. What about the charging points? Will I be able to get from Manchester to London on a single charge? Where would I find a hotel in London with a charging point?

I know there are answers to all of these issues – but then I get in to my other dilemmas …..

I like changing gear.

I like engine noise.

I like V8’s and V12’s.

I like the history of engines and car manufacturers.

I like the way a petrol-powered engine delivers its power.

I don’t like Elon Musk – I don’t trust him.

Yes, I know – electric cars are very quick from 0-60 – the power arrives instantly like a switch – but when do you ever actually ever use that ability…?

When have you ever seen an electric car being driven quickly for any length of time? I’ve yet to see any electric vehicle moving with any haste along a motorway. There must be a reason for this? Is it range anxiety or is it that everyone that’s bought them is a bit old and doesn’t want to go fast anymore?

Personally, I get in my car and go as fast as I can….all the time.

Except when my wife’s with me in the car – when I drive as slow as I can – or I get in trouble.


Anybody got any opinions?


Mike C