Death…..and taxes…

Now I’m sorry if I’ve upset a few people here but you need to be told the truth. You may have been lied to if you’ve been told that you will live forever …and there is a high probability that mummy and daddy may have been fibbing if they’ve glossed over this point.

Don’t get me wrong – you shouldn’t be worrying about it every night …. or even thinking about it till you’re well into your eighties…but…and you can quote me on this …. you will at some stage cease to be.

What I’m getting at here is that as we ALL know – a certain member of the… (bends knee) …. Royal family has died. We are told that this has been received with ‘shock and horror’ by the younger members of Royalty. They are all ‘numb’ with ‘surprise’ and ‘cannot believe that granddad has gone’….

He was 99.

He was 2 months off his 100th birthday.

He had just had heart surgery.

Now I’m thinking maybe, just maybe…. they should have been prepared for the worst?

How insulted must ordinary people who have lost loved ones during the pandemic be feeling by the outpouring of grief for this elderly chap who had such a long and blessed life?

People who’ve lost relatives who were young and fit, people who had no health problems who have died from COVID well before their time…these are the people that should be on the front page.

This has been ‘shocking’.

This has been ‘horrible’.

This has been ‘unforgivable’.

These are the people we should be honouring – and NOT FORGETTING.


Sorry – had to be said.


Mike C (no chance of getting a knighthood)


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