Standards are dropping

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 2nd June 2021

I have a feeling that the days of ‘quality’ products are gone.

People seem to want things done quickly and cheaply …but aren’t too bothered about the quality of the product or service they are receiving.

Let’s take Amazon for example.  Let’s agree, the delivery man could just cut out the middle man and deliver your *egg beater/waffle maker/glue/Christmas lights (insert product here) straight into the bin….and not bother giving it to you at all.

In fact, they could go one further and just invoice you for the crap and don’t even bother sending it you…you know it’s all rubbish …but you’re addicted to shite.

Netflix.  I watched a film the other night called ‘The Rental’.  I say ‘watched’, I wasn’t watching really.  I was just comatose on the settee after a long walk and couldn’t be bothered changing channels.

It was so bad I wouldn’t stop watching to see if it had any redeeming features.  It didn’t.  Total crap – poor acting, poor story, poor dialogue…. nothing about it whatsoever other than it made somebody think they’d achieved a target by putting out another new film that week.

The Disney channel.  ‘The Mandalorian’ is the only thing worth watching on the entire channel.

I am really struggling to find anything of any value to watch or read.  I am so desperate that I’m going into the back catalogue and watching gems like ‘ER’ and ‘The Sopranos’.

I’m re-reading some of my favourite novels and have decided to write my own film and make it during the next week.  Honestly, it will be no worse than most of the “new” drama out there.

‘Finding Alice’ – jeez

James Nesbitt – for god’s sake will somebody just teach him to talk properly.

‘The Drowning’ – written by a child.

Help ….


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