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Rare Earth

Not being one for conspiracy theories … (!)….

I must admit that I have been a little worried about the universal acceptance of electric vehicles. In my mind this appears to have happened ‘overnight’ and with almost no thought about the infrastructure required to support these types of transport and the knee jerk reaction of everybody jumping on board and hating the petrol engine.

I’ve been thinking there’s something else going on here that I’m missing?

Then low and behold in this morning’s paper we are advised that China has the monopoly on the ‘rare earth’ materials required to make the batteries that go in electric vehicles.

Apparently the rare metal sodallinium that is required in the making of:

Weapons of mass destruction etc. etc.

 ….is only available ….in China.

Sooooo….not only can we not have petrol vehicles but the greatest threat to our future is in the hands of the Chinese who could completely cut us off from the ability to power any new vehicles or blow things up…. by simply not allowing the export of vital elements needed to make our new stuff work.

Soooo…we kill our British car industry, we kill our steel industry, we kill our farming industry, the fishing industry is under threat by Netflix ….and our schools and universities…are actually dens of sexual miss-conduct.

 ….and on top of all this…the country is being run by an adulterous idiot who seems to think it’s ok to give public money to his mates and to fund his love life by giving generous grants to ladies that sleep with him.

Maybe I should start listening to a few more conspiracy theories ….as the reality is all bollox anyway.

Or I could just try sleeping with Boris?

Mike C

Ps. Aliens ate my budgie.