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Japanese knotweed Removal in Surrey

When it comes to reliable Japanese knotweed removal in Surrey, here at JKSL we can offer an elite service to clients at domestic, industrial and commercial sites around the region. Having spent more than 15 years in the industry to date, we can offer a range of innovative and reliable removal options with a strong track record and 100% removal success guarantee.

As experts in our field, JKSL have worked with media including the BBC to raise public awareness regarding the damaging effects of Japanese knotweed growth in the UK.  We offer a range of innovative treatment methods which include excavation, chemical treatment and MeshTech; our own eco-conscious removal method for sensitive environments. Our team will visit your site and provide a full survey and a tailored removal package.

The high quality of our knotweed removal services combined with our competitive pricing structure has enabled JKSL to become a leading knotweed removal specialist in Surrey as well as around the rest of the UK. All of our clients can benefit from our 100% removal success guarantee as well as a range of warranty options spanning up to 10 years. All of our clients are assured of lasting protection against Japanese knotweed at a fair price.

As soon as you’ve spotted Japanese knotweed growing on your property, you should get in touch with JKSL to deal with the problem straight away. Attempting to remove the weed on your own is not advisable as you only risk spreading contaminated soil and ultimately worsen the problem. JKSL are an industry-accredited knotweed removal service who are committed to offering lasting value to our clients in Surrey.

For more information on our list of services and prices, you can get in touch with JKSL today. Our knotweed removal teams are available seven days a week and we can chat to you about your removal needs in Surrey.

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