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Japanese knotweed removal Redcliffe

Here at JKSL, we have over 15 years of experience of offering Japanese knotweed removal services to clients in the Redcliffe area and across the UK. You can rely on us to tackle this menacing weed with a guaranteed 100% success rate. Our services also come backed up with warranty options of up to 10 years, ensuring you get real peace of mind. We not only help you get rid of the knotweed, but also ensure it doesn’t return.

Our commitment to raise awareness on the impacts of this invasive weed has seen us gain recognition from the BBC amongst other media outlets. Our service delivery is prompt and professional, facilitated by friendly and highly skilled staff. You can get in touch with us any day of the week and we will swiftly respond and seek to provide our removal services to your request and convenience.

Here at JKSL, we have used our knowledge and experience of Japanese knotweed identification and eradication to develop effective removal techniques to suit both commercial and domestic settings in Redcliffe. Usually, the removal method used will depend on the nature of the project, so once we’ve performed a full site review we’ll recommend the best method for you. Some of the removal techniques we employ include chemical, MeshTech and excavation.

Are you in need of our removal services? If so, feel free to contact JKSL and we will be able to discuss our available services in detail, finding the best approach to ensure you are Japanese knotweed free. Our prices are very competitive and you will get guaranteed quality every time. Get in touch today by phone or email to chat to one of our team.

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