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Japanese knotweed Removal Reading

Here at JKSL, we are experts in Japanese knotweed removal. For more than 15 years we have been offering our services to customers across the United Kingdom, including in and around Reading. Our removal teams are armed with years of extensive experience, a range of innovative removal methods, as well as passion for their work. We are ready to attend to the removal needs of domestic and large commercial sites across Reading, all at highly competitive prices.

We go beyond simply removing the weeds that are currently causing an issue; we offer a site review, select the best removal method/s and provide full knotweed eradication with a 100% success guarantee. We care about helping clients out of their Japanese knotweed problems, having spent years raising awareness on the impact of Japanese knotweed, work that saw us gain recognition from the BBC. We are experts in our field and always deliver a quality service.

Our approach towards addressing your Japanese knotweed problem in Reading can take a variety of approaches. We select from our range of effective and innovative techniques for the removal of knotweed from your site.  Approaches that our professionals have mastered and utilise include chemical removal, MeshTech and excavation. These methods ensure your knotweed problem is solved and for even further peace of mind, we offer warranty options up to 10 years.

Over the years, we have achieved a level of respect as some of the most reliable professionals in our industry. If you are in Reading and desire knotweed removal services that will guarantee your site is protected for the years to come, JKSL is the service to reach out to. Our qualified professionals would be happy to speak to you about your Japanese knotweed issues and how we can provide removal for your site. Get in touch today by phone or our website contact form.

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