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Japanese knotweed Removal Huntingdon

Here at JKSL, we offer expert Japanese knotweed removal services all over the UK, including across Huntingdon. Over the years, we have become known for giving top quality control and removal services to relieve homes and workplaces of this unwanted invasive weed. Our professional services have earned us hundreds of happy clients who attest to the complete eradication of Japanese knotweed from their premises.

In the time we have been in service, we have done extensive research on Japanese knotweed and its negative impacts on biological diversity and human activities. It can grow through cracks in surfaces including bricks, pipes, and even through cracks in concrete. If left to grow unchecked, knotweed can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to buildings. JKSL recommend you to get rid of this weed as soon as possible before serious damage is done to your home.

Our team employs a number of ways to get rid of knotweed, with our innovation and experience allowing us to offer a 100% removal success guarantee. One way is the use of chemical treatments, which yields great results when applied correctly. We can also get rid of the weed by incineration, done in a controlled manner to ensure the safety of all surroundings. Another option is excavation, removing all traces of the weed, which can grow back from a root fraction.

Our trained specialists ensure that all knotweed is removed from your site and are equipped to service residential sites up to large industrial and commercial sites across Huntingdon. For more information on JKSL or to hire our services, contact us via phone or email. We’re happy to offer any information you need and offer the highest levels of client care.

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