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Japanese knotweed Removal Cambridge

JKSL are professionals specialising in Japanese knotweed removal in Cambridge and around the UK. Our service offers a team of experts dedicated to removing the weed from your residential spaces or commercial sites. This invasive weed is known to be aggressive and can cause a range of damage to your garden in terms of surrounding wildlife and impacting brickwork and pipes on properties, which is why you need trained professionals with the right skills to fix the situation.

At JKSL, we are more than just a Japanese knotweed removal service; we are experts on the identification of knotweed and also involved in creating awareness on the effects of the weed around the UK, work that has seen us covered by the BBC. Our expert will perform a full site review and recommend the exact best removal method option for your site, with a 100% removal success guarantee in effect. We have spent 15 years honing our craft in this area, with competitive pricing for these services and removal teams available to offer customer support seven days a week.

With all of our removal services, we offer warranty options of up to ten years, guaranteeing peace of mind to our client. JSKL is an industry-accredited organisation that offers a range of removal services. We have adopted innovative and efficient removal methods that keep us at the forefront of the Japanese knotweed removal market, with our expertise in chemical removal and excavations added to by our own environmentally-conscious MeshTech method.

If you are in Cambridge or its surrounding areas and are facing challenges associated with Japanese knotweed, JKSL are ready to meet your removal needs. For more information on Japanese knotweed, browse our site, while to request a site review and planned removal, contact us by phone or email to chat to one of our friendly and expert team.

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