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Sell, sell, sell….

At no point in my life have I ever wanted to become a ‘salesman’. I’m not running salesmen down, I understand the need for ‘sales’ and I understand the business of ‘selling’ – what I’ve never wanted to do was to ‘pursuade’ anybody to use my services.

I’ve always been of the opinion that you either want to work with me or you don’t – simple.

I also strongly believe that certain industries lend themselves to the ‘selling process’ and certain others don’t.

To me; double glazing, cars, kitchens all have products that are often indistinguishable from each individual company offering the product…and therefore require some sort of ‘sales’ technique that makes the product memorable or unique to the buyer…

We’ve all seen the ….‘buy one, you get one free’ advert ….or the… ‘we won’t be beaten on price’ or ‘every little helps’ ….adverts

I had however thought that in the world of invasive non-native species management we would perhaps be above all this sort of nonsense?

But no, I’m wrong.

There is now a PCA member offering to ‘beat any valid quote’ – ‘cheapest price guaranteed’ …

So how Mr … ‘Cheapest price guaranteed’…are you going to do this? You haven’t seen the site, you haven’t seen the problem, you haven’t seen the access …but you ‘guarantee’ that you will be ‘cheaper’.


All this will ever do is drive down the market price of the services offered within the industry to a point where the whole business implodes. If prices just go down and down the eventual end point is services being offered for nothing – or lets go one stage further and have people being paid… just to allow contractors to do work for them …..duuuuh


Invasive species management is NOT something on which you can cut corners.

The ‘environment’ is NOT something on which you can cut corners.

Anybody offering to ‘beat any quote’ and guaranteeing that they are ‘cheapest’ should immediately be shown the door, then shot.

Or better still shoot them first the throw them out.

Idiots all of them.



Mike C