Keep Britain Tidy!?

Japanese Knotweed Solutions

…Drinks cans, plastic bags, beer bottles, crisp packets, polystyrene cups, cardboard boxes, plastic spoons, take away boxes, wine bottles, a knife, chocolate bar wrappers, knackered old BBQ, mouldy mattress and an exercise bike…. Just some of the litter and rubbish I came across last week whilst walking the few minutes from my apartment to Cornbrook […]

Japanese Knotweed and …Chickens

Japanese Knotweed and ...Chickens

I have been reading the latest articles regarding chicken production with great interest. Liz Truss the Environment Secretary has tasked the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs to make legislation less onerous on chicken farmers to allow increased food production. This has angered animal welfare groups who feel that the progress made in reducing pain […]

Pay it Forward…

Pay it Forward…

We live in a s**t world… Come on – you know it’s true. It has its moments – little glimmers of light in the endless smog of the daily grind…. Maybe it’s your dog being pleased to see you when you get home? Maybe your children’s happy laughter as they bounce on your bed in […]

Other Herbicides are Available

Environment friendly Meshtech Removal

The world continues to obsess about glyphosate: The EU has announced that it is likely to renew the licence to use glyphosate. While Greenpeace EU’s Food Policy Director called for an “exit strategy from chemical pesticides”. Although it doesn’t point to glyphosate directly, a study from Argentina suggests that people living in areas of heavy […]


Invasive Plants Seminar Presented By Mike Clough

The only place to be on May 25ththis year is… ‘The Others’… seminar being hosted by Japanese Knotweed Solutions at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. So much blood sweat and tears have gone into this event you need to be there …even if it’s just to see what weeks and weeks of […]

Native…or Not…

Japanese Knotweed Native or Not

One of the slides in my current presentation shows a river frontage in what appears to be a very ‘natural setting’. However on closer inspection it is possible to see – Himalayan balsam – along the river edge Japanese Knotweed – along the main bank section Giant Hogweed – in a pocket of open ground […]

The ‘Penny Dreadful’ novels

The 'Penny Dreadful' novels

Inspired by the Penny Dreadful novels of the Victorian era, JKSL have produced a limited edition run of our very own gripping fictional novels! The ‘Penny Dreadful’ was a publishing phenomenon in the 19th Century as these cheap, sensational, highly illustrated stories became incredibly popular with the Victorian public. Penny dreadfuls (sometimes called “bloods” or […]

Funding…. What is left for the Environment

Funding.... What is left for the Environment

Working for Natural England I became used to the annual ebbs and flows of environmental funding and watched as over the years the arena changed from that of plenty to that of none. Cuts to DEFRA’s budget have been highlighted in a recent article in The Guardian1 which suggests that cuts “equal 57% in real […]

Small Data

Small Data

I’m a fan of data. Ever since I learned how to make graphs on Excel at school, I have enjoyed playing about with spreadsheets and processing information. It wasn’t long ago that I read this article about VisiCalc – the world’s first spreadsheet program. From relatively humble beginnings, ‘Big data’ is all the rage nowadays, […]

Darwin Clough

Darwin Clough

Can you even begin to imagine what Darwin went through when he was coming up with his book ‘Origin of the Species”…? Here we have a man who has spent years studying plants and animals and is pretty sure that God …doesn’t exist. This theory produced at a time when anyone guilty of such thoughts […]