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Where is the world heading…?

As I’m getting older I do find myself thinking…what’s it all about? Through life you meet a variety of people and come across people’s different ways of looking at things….but who is right and who is wrong?

My wife for example, only ever sees the good in people – she accepts people at face value and is pleasant and friendly to everyone she meets – and is by far the nicest person I have ever met…she has no ‘agenda’.

I on the other hand dislike everybody I meet and tend to see bad points rather than good – it takes me ages to actually trust somebody …and my agenda is…of course…. total world domination.

Having said the above – my wife tends to get let down by people and slightly taken advantage of…whereas I can always say … ‘I told you he was a dick’

So which way should my wife and I be voting in the coming election?

I’m struggling because I see each of the party leaders as untrustworthy, yet my wife assures me that they are all honest and …’fighting for the good of the country… as a whole’.

Well I’m sorry but I don’t believe any of it…

…and not only do I not believe in any of them, they are all younger than me and have an air of smugness about them that I just can’t stand.

I suspect that David Cameron would tell you that the world was flat – if he thought would win him the election. Ed Miliband looks unfortunately like a geeky kid I went to school with who regularly cried when things didn’t go his way…and every time I look at him I feel he’s going to well up and blubber.

I’m also finding that I distrust the Scottish politicians who want independence from us …yet feel we should be there to financially subsidize then if things are a little tight? When in history has a broken up group ever been stronger than a unified collective?….

I end up thinking we are all being manipulated by the powers that be, mere plaything s for… ‘the Establishment’   …

So what can be done about this ….?

Currently …NOTHING …so I’m considering standing at the next election.