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I’m gonna live forever…

Remember my name, fame.’

How did the rest of the song go…?

…but how will I be remembered …if at all??

Maybe somebody will say, on reading of my demise ‘wasn’t that the knotweed bloke?’ – will that be the sum of my obituary?? The bloke that spent his days talking about invasive plants and flagging up the battle for our native countryside??

Maybe somebody will say ‘that was the bloke that wrote that daft blog every week.’

Maybe somebody will say ‘that was the bloke with the flash cars.’

Hopefully a couple of people will say ‘that was my dad, he was a great dad, he gave me money when I was broke …’

I suppose it could be worse??

You wouldn’t want to not be remembered…. you’d rather that something registered in people’s minds when you move onto that great onward journey – whether it be upward or downward.

My dad passed away a few years ago but before he died, he had a major stroke which initially rendered him less able to walk and talk. During these few months of recovery we had some deep conversations about the meaning of life and tried to put some thoughts together as to ‘what it’s all about’…

His opinion was that once we were dead that was ‘it’. No afterlife, no strumming away on a harp sat on a cloud – once you’re gone, you’re gone. His thoughts were that if during your life you could leave people with happy memories of you – then when they thought about you, they would remember you in a good way – and hence you would be immortalised.

I also guess you wouldn’t want to be remembered for something bad – like Brexit or pressing the wrong button at Chernobyl…

So maybe I should just focus on not doing anything bad before I pop off.

I think this a pretty good way of thinking about it…

Soooo…that would be ….no lap dancing clubs, no fast cars, no drinking too much, no flash restaurants ….

Aaarrgghh what am I going to do with myself???

Mike – in a melancholy mood – Clough