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Cheap people…

You all know somebody that’s cheap….you don’t want to know them… but you do.

You know the type I’m talking about.

Every conversation that you have with them has a mention of money, usually some bargain they’ve just found, or more usually they’re slagging off something you’ve bought …because they could get it cheaper.

‘What did you pay that for (usually said in a whiny voice) I’d never pay that; I can get exactly the same * (insert item name) * for 50p less.’

Boring, so fucking boring.

Yes, I know if I waited for six months… the shirt I’ve bought …might… be in the sales, and yes, I know it …. might ….be much cheaper …. but;

1. I want it now.
2. I’m an XXL and they never have any left if the sales
3. life’s to fucking short to wait for six months for something that might never happen.

I have a ‘friend’ that I occasionally meet to go fishing with. I only still meet with him because he has access to various waters that I can’t get onto without his membership. This guy makes his own flies – he does this to save the pennies that buying flies from a shop would cost him.

If this guy gets his fly caught in a tree, he will literally do everything he can to get it back – climbing – cutting branches – climbing again …. all for the sake of a fly …that’s cost him …about 3p

This is risking his life …for 3p.

The same guy will do months of research before he ever buys anything. He will visit all the local fishing shops to get advice on the best – line/reel/rod – then go on line and buy from the cheapest supplier he can find. Then if it goes wrong, he takes it back to the shops he got the advice from and ask them to resolve the issue with the supplier.

So, he is spending nothing in the actual high street – yet expecting them to sort his problems free of charge…. and still be in business next year.

Fucking moron.

I was at an event recently where I ended up sat next to a chap who had bought an electric car. He lived in Kent, but had bought his car from Newcastle. I made the mistake of asking whether it was proving a successful purchase.

Oh my god – for the next hour he gave me a ‘blow by blow’ account of how much he had saved.

‘On the initial phase of the journey I saved 23p…I then ran out of charge and asked a house owner if I could use their power supply …this cost me nothing as they didn’t charge me …blah blah blah then I saved 18p on the next section…blah blah blah …(kill me now)…blah blah blah….(where’s the nearest window to throw myself out of) ….blah blah blah…’

For god’s sake – life is way too short to spend your time worrying over pennies.

Please get a life move on with it quickly – throw caution to the wind – spend that extra 50p …. go on…. live dangerously

Mike C