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Don’t blame the car…

I feel that a lot of our current problems are being blamed on…the car.

Whether it be environmental concerns or speed awareness campaigners …everyone seems to point their fingers at CARS. Isn’t this a little like blaming guns for people getting shot – when really its people that kill people not guns.

Now I know that you can argue that if people didn’t have access to guns then they wouldn’t be able to shoot people – but if someone wants to kill someone then they will just use a knife or some other method if they can’t get their hands on a gun – it’s not the gun actually doing the killing it’s just making it easier.

I suspect that much of the bad press around petrol vehicles comes from people with their own agenda? Maybe it’s the electric vehicle manufacturers…? Maybe it’s the alternate energy providers…??

Or …maybe it’s just that the government have worked out that the roads are so fucking busy that the country is heading for gridlock – so some smart arse thinks… ‘I know …let’s make driving a car a criminal offence – let’s tell everyone cars are killing us …’ – then hey presto fewer cars on the road – problem solved.

With cars… SURELY …don’t we just need better cars? Less emissions and more economical? Maybe cars that last a little bit longer?

Maybe the car manufacturers should be made to focus less on knocking out the latest model which makes the last model obsolete…maybe they should be focusing on making a car that lasts for just that little bit longer and is much more efficient??

Maybe creating new models all the time simply encourages that disposable attitude that much of society have…? The people who want the ‘latest’ car… (phone/tv/music system/computer) – which just results in landfill sites being full of perfectly useable technology rendered obsolete by progress.

Again, and again I keep concluding in these blogs – that it’s all about MONEY.

Car manufacturers DON’T want you to have a car that lasts for twenty years and can be upgraded on line. They want you buying new stuff and spending your hard-earned dosh.

So maybe don’t blame your car for the ills of the world – go out to the car park give it a hug. This weekend, give it a clean and a polish, maybe top up the oil…. look after it a bit more. Stop blaming it for everything and just tell it that you love it….

Mike C