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Album Covers

What’s it all about I hear you ask?

Well, it’s about getting people talking about Japanese Knotweed Solutions – and by connection – getting people talking about invasive species.

Our latest ideas are taken off famous album covers – classic albums re-worked to include Japanese knotweed.

So far, we have:

‘Knotweed Calling’ – The Clash, with Paul Simonon hitting the emerging knotweed with his guitar in the classic Penny Smith picture.

‘Combat Knotweed’ – again The Clash, with the railway line in the background on the album cover being encroached by Japanese knotweed

‘Plant out of Hell’ – you got it, Meatloaf.

‘Wish you Weren’t Here’ – Pink Floyd, featuring Japanese knotweed being incinerated on the cover along with the man in flames….

‘Definitely Knotweed’ – Oasis, with Japanese knotweed emerging through the floorboards around Liam Gallagher

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