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I despair…

Sorry this week’s blog isn’t about invasive species it’s just me having a moan….

Why is it that people that you employ can’t be honest about what they are up to? I’ve just had another incident of someone pleading problems at home and wanting ‘compassionate leave’, they are ‘stressed’ at work and ‘can’t cope’. So I try and help, I offer time off, I offer working from home… but they say ‘no…. I need to have some time off’…. so they leave…. and low and behold the following week – they start working for one of our competitors…. aaarrrgggghhh!

I train them, I teach them the ropes, they just begin to pay their way and then they f**k off to help out the competition!

In the good old days life was a lot simpler…. I know shooting people is bad, and even to suggest breaking someone’s legs is a bit politically incorrect but at least people knew where they stood (…. or maybe sat…. in a wheelchair).

What always surprises me is that the prospective employer when interviewing these type of people doesn’t think…. ‘hang on, he/she’s f**king over Mike Clough…. surely they will do the same to me’. If someone says at interview when asked…. ‘what notice do you have to give?…. and they reply ‘four weeks but I can start Monday’…. wouldn’t you think perhaps they are a bit dodgy and will do the same to you…. ?

What I want is a world where your team come and have a chat with you and say…. ‘Mike I’m not progressing in the job, Mike I want to earn more money, Mike I’m not enjoying my job etcetc’ – all of these issues could be tackled…. and if they weren’t resolved satisfactorily then you would both agree that it would be best if you moved on or started to apply for another job – all with a smile and a great reference.

And as a final point, maybe people should read their contracts which state that you cannot work for a competitor within a certain radius of our offices….

Shooting people would be easier.

I know, I know, maybe just a paint ball gun?
Mike C