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BY: Mike Clough | July 19th 2017

I do like a bit of marketing. People often say to me ‘your marketing company are a bit off the wall aren't they??’- well yes - but thats because it's mainly ideas that I’ve come up with...

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Getting paid for doing nothing….

BY: Mike Clough | July 12th 2017

I’m getting a little sick of hearing stories about people getting paid huge sums of money …. for doing nothing. Whether it be politicians who are battering the nursing/firefighting/police/army who are asking for pay rises in line...

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Money – The Rhizome of all Evil

BY: Mike Clough | July 5th 2017

As you get older you begin to realise that money causes significant problems, whether it be lack of it …or surplus cash …there's always a catch. As a child, I tried hard to save my pocket money...

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