I hate Zoom meetings.

There, I’ve said it.

May the gods of social distancing strike me down but I just can’t seem to get on with it.

I think it’s to do with me talking too much – not allowing others to speak – then at the end of the meeting …I just think …I didn’t listen to what anybody else was saying.

To me it also seems as if you either get everybody talking at once or embarrassing silences.

I think also, apart from being old, I’m also a kind of hands on type of guy. I like to look people in the eye, I like to hold eye contact and I like to ‘read’ their body language.

You just cannot do that on a computer screen.

It makes me uneasy that I’m having some of the team working from home, when I know that not everybody is suited to lone working.

Sorry, but it’s just a fact….not everybody has the focus and work ethic to just get stuck in to working…. when there are so many distractions at home.

Some people just need their work colleagues to both motivate and inspire them.

I know in coming weeks we will be told that the roads are quieter and the environment is cleaner. We will be told that the new working from home culture is a good thing and that COVID has not been all bad ….and … ‘has had some ‘benefits’.

What I’m foreseeing is a drop in productivity, a drop in moral and an increase mental health issues…..

One of the hidden problems with working from home is that you just never get away from it.

The computer is always there in the corner of the room whispering to you …. ‘have you got mail’… ‘has that client got back to you…’ … ‘is my boss checking on me again…’

Like I say, some will cope….others will be begging to get back into the office.


Mike C


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