Where is the Quality??

Where is the Quality??

What?.. if anything…is any good anymore?

When I was a child my mother used to take me to Buxton for a day out. This ‘spa-town’ was considered a ‘posh place’ and I was forced into my best trousers and my shoes were shined and buffed. If you visit Buxton nowadays, the town is now a cess pit of drug dealers and underage pregnancies. There appears to be a lot of ‘in-breading’… and the faces of those residing in the area show the deep lines of worry about how things have got so bad…. so quickly.

Marks and Spencer’s used to be the ultimate destination for any person aspiring to be that little bit better than any of their neighbours. If you bought a Marks and Spencer prawn sandwich…it used to be sublime….have you had one recently?? They taste like the prawns have been feeding on sewage. The clothes are crap… and a T shirt or vest might as well be thrown away after washing… as all the shape and structure will have been lost…crap.crap,crap.

Porsche, for so long the aspirational car lovers dream…naaah…might as well buy a Ford Escort. The last Porsche I had went rusty in three months – when I complained they said… ‘it still works Mr Clough…please bring it back when it ceases to function’ …

Traffic and congestion – almost hilarious. I travel to work every day on something that calls itself a ‘smart motorway’…’smart’ …ha …if it’s so bloody ‘smart’… why is it like a bloody great traffic jam from 7.30 till 9.30.

London? Have you driven in London recently?? Whatever minimal movement you used to get …has now completely ceased due to new works to improve cycling in the city.

Mobile reception? What’s going on there? My phone updates all the time, yet every time it updates… the reception seems to get worse.

National Health Service….have you tried to get a doctor’s appointment recently? The practice that I am registered with will not let you make an appointment in advance – you have to ring on the day at 8am…but…at 8am you can NEVER get through due to the volume of calls…useless.

Television shows? What a load of horse manure….they advertise the latest drama and suggest fantastic plot and brilliant cinematography …but it’s all old hat …been there and done better before.

Simon Cowell. Enough said. Crap, crap, crap.

Take away food? Rubbish. I used to look forward to the odd pizza or curry as a treat – nowadays if you were to shut your eyes and eat some of this crap you would not be able to differentiate between dog food and the garbage they serve up.

Taxis? It used to be that you got in a black cab and you could relax – the guy knew what he was doing. Nowadays they all have mobile apps – which seem to remove the need for ‘thinking’. The clever short cuts and money saving routes that the older cabbies used to have  – are all now replaced with technology that suggests that any idiot can do the job …and hence most cabs are driven by any idiot….

Re-makes of old films…why bother? The originals are nearly always better….

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keanu Reeves, latest films …crap,crap,crap


….the only place I ever see any ‘quality’…is at my own office…or on sites that Japanese Knotweed Solutions have remediated. Yet I feel that this ‘quality’ is only held together by my sheer force of will…if ever I were to relax …everything would fall apart due to the pressures of the outside world and its insistence on mediocrity.

Why for god’s sake is everyone trying to do everything cheaper?

I don’t want cheap…I want expensive…I want things done properly ….BY A CRAFTSMAN… not in some half assed way by some idiot with an i-phone app.


Mike C


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