What’s in a name?

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 8th September 2021

I’m proud of my name. It’s been with me a long time and through most of that period it’s stood me in good stead.

I did go through a phase of wanting to be called Clint (Eastwood obviously) then there was the Steve (McQueen) year …

…but generally – Mike Clough – seemed to suffice.

I’ve tried to remain faithful to this name and haven’t done anything embarrassing or illegal to tarnish the association with the use of the name.

It’s mine, so I’ll try and keep it clean and useable.

Well …

Is it mine…?

It would appear that one of my competitors thinks that it’s actually their name and they can do what they like with it.

So, they have out a tag on the use of my name so that if anybody enquires about ‘Mike Clough’ this tag diverts people to their website.

When you get to their website it even refers to ‘Japanese Knotweed Solutions’ – which I had thought was the name of MY company.

I really cannot imagine the type of person or company that would do such a thing?

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