What Works?

How can I convince you that we are the company that you should use? Do you want the cheapest or the best? Obviously, you want the best that you can get for your money so maybe you want the best value? Maybe you want to feel like you’ve had a bargain, maybe been given something for nothing?

To be honest I’ve never been one for going cheap. My philosophy has always been ‘you get what you pay for’. From eating out to buying a new pair of jeans, makes no difference – if you go for cheap, you’re going to get crap.

I come across all different steps of people and generally find that ‘cheap’ people – I just don’t get on with. People that like to argue over who had how many poppadum’s when you go for a curry. People that disappear when the bills got to be paid. People that never have their wallet when they’re at the bar – you know the type.

I find this in business all the time. If I turn up on a nice car, I’ve had clients say ‘I bought you that…’ – hmmm don’t think so mate. I bought it through blood sweat and tears – and all my own blood sweat and tears.

Nobody else got a look in, and nobody ever gave me anything.

I’ve had people say ‘you shouldn’t go round to see clients in that car – they will think you’re expensive…’. Why though? I don’t get it. Would you rather have a consultant turn up in a knackered Skoda? What message does that send?

We’re all in the business of selling ourselves. It may sound a bit harsh but that’s all it is. Image and marketing are all part of a glorious selling war where we try and convince new people that we are interesting and credible and able to provide you with a quality service at a reasonable price.

However, of late I have become aware of a new kind of tactic.

Those companies that thrive off the efforts of others.

Japanese knotweed Solutions Limited are the oldest established Japanese knotweed eradication company in the world.

We are a unique company that set about tackling the invasive plant Japanese knotweed from a single species point of view. When we first set up the company – nobody else was doing what we did. Nobody.

Since that time, we have been copied. Copied multiple times by new companies wishing to cash in on our success.

This is business and I understand this is how the world works. What really pisses me off though are the companies that spend nothing on marketing or advertising but the pass themselves off as us. They simply set up using a bastardised version of our name, slap a few gaudy signs on the side of their vans then pretend that they are us.

These companies have even been known to pretend that I work there. Clients asking for Mike Clough have been told – I’m sorry he is away on holiday – how can we help.

My name has even been used as a key word for their search engine profile. Try it – try typing Mike Clough Japanese knotweed and see whose company name comes up. I assure you that it won’t be just Japanese knotweed Solutions name that appears.

I am getting a little jaded after hearing so many companies claim to be the ‘number one’ or the ‘first company to deal with JK’ …

Please be careful when typing in search engines – don’t just type Japanese knotweed – please type Japanese knotweed SOLUTIONS Ltd and get the real deal – not some dodgy rip off merchant trying to make a quick buck.

 Sixteen plus years at the top of the industry doesn’t happen by chance.

 Mike C







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