What the critics said…

What the critics said...

Last Wednesday, we held our annual seminar at The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. This year’s theme, ‘The Others’, aimed to heighten the awareness of the other invasive non-native plants and animals which cause issues throughout the UK. The day was a huge success, with delegates attending from a range of industries, here’s a snippet of their feedback:

‘The CABI guy terrified me. I couldn’t decide if he is the God or the Devil. Time will tell. Loved the magic guy.’  Warren Slaney, Haddon Estates

‘Chris Baines kept his presentation short and intimate and raised some key questions which need to be answered in the long term.’ Sam Poultney, Haddon Estate

‘All were really good. Very, very interesting and informative.’ Andy James, Manor Estates

‘Mike Clough made the issues accessible and entertaining. Professor Baines was extremely engaging about the responsibilities individuals have  – it was as useful for thinking about my own garden as in advising my clients.’ Amy Johnston, Stephensons Solicitors LLP.

‘Chris Baines – something slightly different. All presentations were well delivered with interesting slides.’ Jo Farndon, RSK

‘Olaf Booy and Dick Shaw – extremely relevant to work I’m involved in and very good speakers and presentations.’ Tom Newstead, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions

‘A most worthwhile event. Thank you for the invitation 5 stars plus.’ Brian Egerton, Hawksmoor

‘It was good to see presentations on the day-to-day running of JKSL. Great range of talks from Scientists, Agency and the company.’ Zarah Pattison, University of Stirling

‘Mike Clough, clear and used language that was easily understood by a novice/someone who is new to invasive plants. Also, good use of visual information.’ Matt Bradley, Balfour Beatty

‘All speakers were excellent and very informative and complimented each other.’ Tom Dugdale, Braemar Estates

‘Chris Baines – his passion and enthusiasm for nature conservation and public engagement was a great take on an alternative solution.’ Victoria Armstrong, RSK

Olaf Booy, very informative at what a Government agency is actually doing about this problem.’ John Jones, Network Rail

‘Trevor Renal’s talk was very interesting in Freshwater Ecology.’ Michael Bradburn, Network Rail.
We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all those who were involved in the day, speakers, delegates and exhibitors. Over the years the event gets bigger and bigger and appears to have gained a well earned place on the calendar. The bar is set high, but watch this space for next year!


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