What …is important…?

At times in your life, you must have asked yourself…if..I only had 24 hours to live …what would I do?

Now when I was about 13 …the answer would have been … ‘I would run into the girls changing rooms during PE and see Trudy Swan naked…’

Having grown through that phase and realised that Trudy and I were never meant to be together – and having gone through a variety of Trudy substitutes….I have matured to a stage where I have realised that naked women are a fleeting concern of the pubescent male…and that there is more to life than boobies.

So the answer to the question when I was a little older ….would have been … ‘I would walk into the Porsche showroom and demand a test drive in a 911…then drive off never to return’.

Other options would be –

Holiday in the Maldives (slightly flawed in that it takes more than 24 hours to get there)

Maybe a blowout meal in an expensive restaurant- then do a runner

Maybe order a take away and watch all my favourite movies back to back…?

However, the fun has been rather taken out of this silly question in that maybe, just maybe … we really all do just have 24 hours to live…?

The reality of COVID and the confusion of what we can and cannot do has left us with some serious decisions to make.

Should I see my mum?

Should I see my kids?

Should I see my brother?

Should I see my larger family?

Should I have a party?

Is work actually ….that….important ?

Should we all just be having some ‘me time’ or a ‘duvet day’ and just stay in watching Netflix?

I guess it the usual conundrum – we don’t actually know that life as we know it …is…actually… going… to …. end….

….so, we carry on paying the mortgage, having zoom meetings and pretending that everything will return to normal once we’ve all had the vaccine.

Maybe though, this is just the Governments way of ensuring that we don’t all run in to see Trudy Swan…

Maybe they’re all going out with a bang whilst we’re all staying in behaving ourselves …? Boris could have fathered five more kids whilst we’ve all been paying our taxes like good little worker bees.

Just saying.


Mike C


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