What are you going to change?

So you’ve all been self isolating – lots of time on your hands – and you’ve been thinking ….when we get back ….I’m going to do things differently.

We’ve been using ‘Zoom’ at JKSL for group meetings, everybody has remote access and the phones are diverted to mobile numbers.

It does beg the question – do you actually need an office?

Think of the travelling time saved.

Think of the fuel saved.

Think of the environmental benefits.

Think of the mental health benefits.

Remote working could be the way forward at JKSL.

I’ve found it interesting who I feel I’ve bonded with and talked to more than I would have imagined. I’ve also noticed who I haven’t spoken to – and who has ignored efforts to be contacted.

Fair weather friends as my mother would call them – not real friends at all.

It’s also been funny the people that you thought were very peripheral to your life have suddenly become best mates.

Some of our clients have been awkward, some have been great.

Some have proceeded with works, and some have cancelled works for no reason at all other than saving a few quid because they could.

There will be winners and losers in all this shite that’s going on – but I think the overriding feeling when it all ends – will be one of unity with those that stood beside you – and disgust at those who profiteered and ignored the pain and suffering of others.

Remember who cared folks…. it’s an indication of good people to work with.


 Mike C


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