Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 25th August 2021

I drove over Snake Pass yesterday on my way back to my house in Alport.

It’s a journey I do on a regular basis. One of my pet hates on this journey is seeing rubbish piled on the lay-bys and side roads.

This is just fly tipped material from people that won’t pay to get rid of rubbish or cannot be bothered going to a local recycling centre.

I’ve always said to myself… ‘if ever I see anybody doing this …I will sort them out …’

Sooooo …. yesterday as I passed the lay by where the sandwich shop normally is – what do I see but a transit van being unloaded of its contents of builder’s rubbish and old bags of cement. Three rough looking big guys.

This information was absorbed in a flash as I was travelling at a reasonable speed.

My immediate thought was – turn round, go back, take some pictures and get the number plate.

My second thought was – that’s three big guys who will not take kindly to me photographing them in the process of breaking the law.

My third thought was – they will take your number plate which usefully also spells your name.

So, what did I do?


Absolutely nothing.


I’m embarrassed.




Mike C


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