We’re not ready yet ….

The end of my tether is rapidly approaching.

What will happen when my tether end has been reached… I’ve no idea…maybe some apocalyptic explosion of my head …. or maybe just a quiet slip into some sort of sanitarium?

What am I rambling about this week dear reader – well – this week it’s the customers that push you and push you for a start date, and then change their minds.

They pile the pressure on for you to cancel everything you’ve got planned….so you can do their job …. then …. on the day before the start date they e-mail and say …

‘…. the sites not ready …’

‘…we don’t own the land yet….’

‘…the funding isn’t in place…’

Now I’m a calm, peaceful sort of guy. I very rarely get wound up about anything …and I never hold a grudge.

But …in these cases …keeping a smile on my face is not an easy thing to do.

What …the absolute fuck…do you expect me to do with my teams when at 24 hours’ notice, you tell me we can’t start?

What about the machinery, the hotel costs, the deliveries to site etc. etc.

What about the next client, that wanted me to start on the day you now want me to start?

I’m afraid this is nothing to do with COVID …this is to do with YOU being selfish and just a little disorganised Mr. Client …. I’m sorry but you need to get your act together.

Now I know that criticising clients is not a good idea…but none of them read this… so it’s not a big problem….

….and most of my clients are wonderful people, that get their timings right and allow me to start on an agreed date.

Please don’t just blame everything on COVID…. it’s just takes common courtesy and a little planning – that’s all we need – then maybe we can all start on time, finish on time, get our application in on time, and get paid on time ????…

…and then my tether end will never be reached.


Mike C


0161 723 2000