We do everything….


I just thought I should put this ‘out there’ but having been around for over 15 years now, we should tell you that we can do pretty much anything that you want.

Japanese knotweed – we can dig it up, we can screen it, we can incinerate it, we can even compost it if you want.

Giant hogweed you name it we kill it. Himalayan balsam, been there killed that …Rhododendron we’ve hammered acres and acres of the stuff…

We also have been known to remove, fell chop and lop trees. We often get involved with invasive non-native species in amongst mature trees so it made sense for us to have experienced tree operatives on hand to carry out these works to our strictest of standards.

So were pretty damn good at removing and killing things…

But …did you know we can also plant, and create, and make beautiful landscapes as well…

More and more we are being asked to provide work packages that include a whole range of works from planning and liaising with statutory bodies to submission of detailed planning applications involving removal of invasive non-native species, recreation of lost habitat, footpaths, planting and amenity areas as part of the required planning conditions for new housing.

For any type of works in and around invasive non-native species – give us a call – we can sort all of your issues.


Mike C


0161 723 2000