This …will be the year that.

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 6th January 2021

Well, I guess this will be the year that I try and change the way that things get done around here.

I have a bit of a list going on:

1.Let’s try and stop second guessing people.

This happens when we’re pricing projects and we’re trying to win the work. Quite often we get to a price that’s just over a ‘threshold’ – let’s say it’s priced up and it’s £10,480.00 …and we think that £10K is a ‘threshold’ ….so we go in at £9999.00 keeping it just below the £10K.

Is this really an issue? Or…as I suspect …have we just given away £500 quid?

Note to self – how about when we price a project, that is the price. We’ve taken years formulating our pricing process…so why just throw it in the bin at the last minute?

2.Clients either want to work with us or they don’t. Why argue?

Let’s be honest, if somebody is asking for ten different prices off ten different contractors – they do not ‘want’ to work with you. They want the cheapest price and they’re going to be a pain in the arse when it comes to payment time.

Just say no.

3.If a police officer says you’ve been driving too fast – just say… ‘Yes officer, I’m sorry…’ – do not lead with, ‘Have you nothing better to do …’, this will not help.

4.Cash flow. You know that the money that you are chasing won’t come in…and the money that you aren’t expecting will come in early. Why not reflect this on the cashflow and make it a complete work of fiction.

5.With the wife – just say – ‘Yes dear’.

6.With the lockdown policy – don’t try and be clever – just stay in bed.

7.With my 93-year-old mum, just agree that she’s 93, therefore is allowed to say what she wants, do what she wants, eat what she wants ….and have you running around sorting all this for her. It’s not worth arguing. She will win.

8.To be continued ….


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