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The Widowmaker

So, this week marks the three month anniversary of my ‘event’ ….my ‘eye opener’ …my heart attack.

I had my follow up with the consultant last Friday.

I was a little nervous, wasn’t quite sure what he would say ..would he give me a test that showed up chocolate consumption? ….or some sort of dye sprayed on my hands that would highlight traces of Melton Mowbray?? Would he welcome me by calling me ‘fatty’ or ‘chunky’ …(he settled for ‘large boned :-)…)

I tend to approach these types of situations with a touch of humour. Humour can get you through most things and having a smile at hand is a major tool when you have to go through some of the crap that life throws at you.

This week’s eye opener was when he described my heart attack as being nicknamed ‘the widowmaker’ – he went on to explain that 50% of people that suffered this condition – died ….(make a joke out of that one you large boned b*****d)…

It’s a bit of a weird one.

Everybody that I’ve told has said – ‘well at least you were in the 50% that survived’ – it doesn’t tend to make you feel that way to be honest. It makes you feel a bit odd, a bit ‘why me’….

Anybody that’s read previous blogs will be wondering how I’m getting on with the ‘reworked Mike Clough’

Well, it started well enough.

The diary was roped off and work day was decreed as Monday’s with follow up cash flow and sales on a Thursday – giving me ample time to rest relax and do all the things I’d been promising myself for years.

Reading, writing, going to the gym …bit of a massage …all good.

All good for about three weeks.

So… there’s a meeting on Wednesday this week with team building afterwards, Thursday this week Mike we need you to attend a planning session. There’s a bank meeting, a finance directors meeting, a new health and safety issue, some HR issues we need you to look at ….and by the way… it’s the Christmas party on Friday ..

In short… not been to the gym, massage missed, diary f**ked up ….and it’s the Christmas party….oh and by the way the wife is a little p***ed off at me.

I’m sorry everyone but it just ain’t that easy …

Everyone means well, and everyone at work is as helpful as they can be – but unless someone can come up with a healthy cloned version of myself…. then I’ve got a problem.

I’m pretty sure it’s down to me.

It’s not the people around me that have issues – it’s my inability to leave things to others.

I’m thinking of investing in one of those dog collars that gives an electric shock when the dog barks. I could give the master control to my wife who could administer shocks whenever I showed a tendency to sort a work-related issue.

Not sure I would survive very long though??

Mike C