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Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 10th August 2016

Have you noticed how watching a movie on a DVD just isn’t the same as watching the film at the pictures? The film is the same, the content is the same but you end up coming away feeling a bit ….muuuuh….and just not enjoying it.

Go out to the movies, have a box of popcorn, a coke and some fruity chocolate raisins then go for a pizza afterwards and the whole day just takes on mythical proportions …

I think it’s something that people need to make more note of…?

You go in to buy a car, the first person you see is the receptionist – if she’s not on the ball and clued up on the product you’re looking for you immediately get a sinking feeling in your stomach. The number of times I’ve been into car showrooms and the sales staff are clueless ….it takes the whole pleasure away from the process.

We’ve tried to instil this into the team at JKSL – from receptionist upwards we expect ‘more’ from the team. You should be able to ask our receptionist where your project is up to…? If you are looking for a particular member of the team then the receptionist should be able to tell you where they are…? Any member of the JKSL crew should be able to talk with confidence about what we do and how we do it – and if any question is too complex then they should be able to put you on to the correct person with the answer to your query…?

We are trying to make your experience the popcorn, coke and pizza version rather than the cheap DVD experience …..

I know it’s not the same and I know that trying to make an infestation of Japanese knotweed a ‘pleasurable’ experience is nonsense…but trying to make your problems sortable and to run smoothly – should at least remove some of the pain.

I’ve gone on before about having a full ‘team’ at JKSL (check out the ‘team page’ on our website ( but it’s an important thing to grasp. We aren’t just a ‘man and a van’ operation we are a fully operational unit with receptionist, admin etc. We have callers who will take your initial enquiry, surveyors who each have a dedicated part of the U.K., we have an accounts department and we have a whole construction and site admin team as well as a revisits operational team.

Site lads are all fully employed cards in – with each team having a dedicated vehicle.

We even have two (count them) dedicated re-visit teams – we are the ONLY company in the UK to do this.

All they do is go round all of our sites covered under our insurance policies and ensure that any new growth is treated and any potential problems highlighted to clients (e.g. cross contamination/fly tipping/new growth on adjacent sites). It costs us money to do this – but I sleep better at night. ‘Other’ companies just wait till there’s a problem and then send somebody out – or…. ‘shutting the door after the horse has bolted’ ….as it is otherwise known.

So next time you are looking for a ‘better’ knotweed experience – make sure you look at the whole picture…not just a… ‘knock off DVD’…

Mike C

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