The Lads Gave 110%….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 3rd July 2024

I wish running a business was as easy as professional football.

You get to look at a project, it’s a bit hard ….so you could maybe roll on the ground and hold your leg?

You put a price in – but somebody else is cheaper …so maybe hold your face as if somebody has punched you and fall over?

You win a project and get an order …everyone from the office jumps on you – then they carry you across the room?

You actually complete the works ….so you run to the corner of the car park and do a little pre-arranged dance?

You fail to complete the work on time …so you have a little cry …and everyone feels bad for you ?

…and for this …you get paid £200K a week.

I’d swap.

Mike C

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