The End of the World

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 11th March 2020

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

So – how would you like to be remembered?

Well to be honest… it doesn’t really matter… because from what I’m reading .. there will be nobody left alive to remember you anyway. You might as well go out in a blaze of glory then??

You know that car you’ve always wanted… but you can’t afford the monthly payments – this is NO LONGER a problem. Go for it .

You know that girl in accounts that you haven’t asked out because of the whole #metoo movement… you’ve been worried about the repercussions. Go for it.

You know that watch/handbag/leather jacket – you cannot afford. Credit card – go for it.

Your boss – bit of a dick – you’ve always wanted to tell him where to stick his ridiculous attitude.

This is your moment – go for it.

Seriously though – are you going to be the one that said … ‘bloody hell… virus bollox it’s all false news…’ or are you the one sat in a sealed room wearing a full bio hazard suit refusing to eat or drink anything for fear of contamination?

The answer lies somewhere between these two points of view so methinks a degree of common sense needs to be initiated in the old grey cells.

Yes, I’m washing my hands more.

Yes, I’m being aware of people around me who cough or sneeze.

No, I haven’t bulk bought toilet rolls… but I have stocked up on Nurofen and paracetamol.

Yes, I am working from home more…

No I haven’t changed any of my social plans …. yet.

Note –  just a word of caution about all the radical new ideas suggested at the start of this blog.

You might …just might ….get better.


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