Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 13th July 2022

I am beginning to think the world is about to come to a sticky end.

The rich get richer… and the poor get poorer and those in the middle just get left to feel bad about everything they do.

David Beckham loans his Twitter account to help the Ukrainian crisis – yet spends £3 million on his son’s wedding.

Boris Johnson – don’t even know where to start…

Rishi Sunak – come on…somebody’s having a laugh.

Prince Andrew – jeez

Will Smith – nonsense.

Prince Charles and Queen Camilla – no …just no

What have I done to deserve this life…? I’m thinking probably…I just got born a smidgeon toooo late.

My brother, a few years older than me – managed to get out and sell his share in his business before all this pandemic and war nonsense. He’s invested wisely and he’s all sorted for his retirement.

My dad managed to retire at 55 and got paid a huge lump sum to retire early (he was a teacher, and this was a ‘thing’ at the time to encourage new teachers and get rid of some of the older members of staff and get new blood in).

I don’t see me (61) retiring anytime soon (and I certainly don’t see anyone on the horizon paying me to retire).

When I go out in my car, I feel I’m harming the environment.

If I think about flying somewhere for a holiday, I feel I’m harming the environment.

If I put the heating on at home, I feel I’m catering to Putin’s regime.

I can’t read the papers – too depressing.

I can’t watch the news – too depressing.

I can’t eat meat.

I can’t eat dairy.

I’m not allowed to drink.

I’m worried about fish being sustainably caught.

I worry about over foraging.

When I go out to eat, I worry about the shortages of staff and the hours they work.

I can’t get my car serviced – no staff.

TV is rubbish.

The Oscars were an embarrassment.

Covid …was all that shut down really necessary?

Electric cars?

Ground source heating.

Solar power.

The weather.

Global warming ….


What is a man to do to relax?


Seriously if anyone knows of something we are currently allowed to do that won’t piss somebody else off …please enlighten me.


Mike C


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