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The Clue’s in the Name

I often visit a great pub near Ashbourne in Derbyshire called The George – it nestles in a little village called Alstonefield.

I was in there one night when I overheard a conversation between two men about some works that were being done on a property. The first guy said “…but everywhere I dug was full of rocks, it was something I couldn’t have allowed for in my price”.

The second guy said “…which part of the name Alstonefield did you not understand – ALL STONE FIELD – the clue’s in the name”.

Bakewell – Bake …well – famous for its baked tarts.
Stoke-on-Trent – obvious.
Upper Slaughter – probably to be avoided.
Grange-over-sands – probably sandy.
Hayfield – probably farming country.
Newcastle – is there a ‘new’ castle??

It makes me wonder why the residents of… ‘Fishlake’ …were so surprised by the recent flooding …?

Mike C