That’s a bit Dangerous….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 15th May 2024

Personally, I never feel more alive than when I do something a bit risky.

This might be drinking a bit too much one night or maybe mountain biking down a hillside that looks a bit tricky… or maybe something as simple as buying something that maybe I can’t quite afford.

Also, as you all know – this might include driving a bit toooo fast.

Quick recap – I have recently been banned for speeding and …without wishing to ignite all the previous irate readers..I still feel that what I did wasn’t as dangerous or as thoughtless as it was presented.

Yes … I was speeding …but I was speeding in a car built for performance on an empty road that I knew really well.

Enough, enough – I know – and I’ve been banned for the pleasure of doing this.

However – I now read that cars being built will now have a feature that STOPS the car being able to exceed speed limits.

How long then before mountain bikes will be built with a feature to stop them going downhill fast?

How long before skis have a built in brake that prevents any sort of speed?

How long before your drinking glass will stick to the bar beyond a certain capacity and you will be unable to get drunk?

How long before your credit card stops you buying something silly and shiny?

What I’m saying here, is that the human condition requires that we do dangerous daft things to make us feel alive …it makes the blood flow a little quicker and the heart do a little shimmy in your chest.

If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

A society without any risk isn’t somewhere I’d like to live …too much cotton wool makes for a very dull life.

 Mike C

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